Maddox Knorr

Maddox Knorr

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to perform on Broadway? Well, Maddox Knorr has. Maddox attends Elkton Middle School and has been actively involved in performing since he was a young child. His dream is to perform on Broadway, and he is getting closer to reaching that goal every day. 

When asked how his acting journey began, Maddox was quick to answer, “I always liked performing in the living room. I told my mom I want to be on stage!” After realizing that acting was his passion, he actively sought out ways to immerse himself in the world of theatre. He discovered the Wayne Theatre and auditioned for The Lion King. This show enhanced his love for performing, and was a factor in his decision to pursue a career in the field of theatre. 

Although Maddox has yet to make it to Broadway, he has seen Broadway on tour. He’s seen numerous performances such as: Hamilton, Six, Lion King, HairSpray and Wicked. Maddox’s favorite shows are Six, because of the breathtaking vocals and Wicked, because of the gorgeous lighting and props. Along with his love for Broadway shows, Maddox also looks up to many people in the field of theatre, as mentors. He looks up to Alex Brightman, for his acting and personality, and also looks up to Samanatha Paulie for her incredible vocals. Both of these actors inspire him in his acting and push him to be the greatest performer possible. 

To reach his goal of performing on Broadway, Maddox acknowledges that he will have to dedicate a lot of time and energy. He trains his vocals frequently and works with Sarah Kramer to sharpen his skills. Maddox applies his training to his theatre performances and uses his love for theatre to push him to be his best. 

As one could imagine, Maddox is extremely involved in theatre and has performed in many shows. He has been in The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmatians, along with eight Junior and two mainstage productions through the Wayne Theatre. Maddox is currently in Madagascar, and is also in the process of auditioning for Elf. 

Maddox’s favorite type of production is mainstage production, because “it's more advanced and it is more like a real production - it feels like being in a movie. It's more work and more time, but more fun”. He is not afraid of hard work and committing time to doing what he loves: acting. Maddox also improves his acting skills through classes that the Wayne Theatre offers. He is currently taking part in an improv class, and loves it because of how supportive it is and how it works to help young actors like himself expand the arts. 

It is not hard to see that Maddox Knorr is a dedicated, hardworking, and incredibly talented individual. He is actively taking steps toward achieving his goal of performing on Broadway, and will stop at nothing to get there. Maddox has always dreamed of becoming a professional actor and has a great love for the world of theatre. Through his vast experience and natural talent, there is no doubt that Maddox will continue to thrive in his performances and theater!

Written by RCPS Communication Intern, Sofia Gulino